Building a new property can be stressful as there are a lot of different elements to consider and various challenges that may arise. Our full project management services can help - we can take your build from an initial design concept right through to completion. 
Our services include 3D visualisation, architectural drawings, structural drawings/calculations, advice on planning processes and regulatory approval, building work, the provision of utilities to your property and everything else in between. 


Are you happy with the home you have, but just wish you had a bit more space? Ask us about the possibility of building a single or two-storey extension. We’ll assist you with drawing up plans, guide you through planning regulations, source all the materials needed and finally, build the additional rooms you require. 
When building, our specialist suppliers will aim to provide a brick/stone match as close as possible to the existing external envelope of the building, in an attempt to ensure the finished result is entirely seamless. 


The kitchen is frequently seen as the heart of the home, providing an area for families to come together to cook, socialise and relax. Investing in a new kitchen and potentially removing walls to open up the space, can not only improve the layout of this room; doing so can significantly increase the resale value of your property. 
Whether you’d like a new kitchen that’s modern, traditional, rustic or eclectic, either in the same space or moved to another location in your home, we can help during every step of the way. 


We can install, refit or relocate your bathroom, taking on all necessary tasks including plumbing, plastering, tiling, electrics and the fitting of a new bathroom suite. 


A dormer loft conversion is a great way to make use of otherwise unused attic space while increasing the amount of floor space. A flat-roofed dormer, in particular, can increase the amount of headroom available, while a gable-fronted dormer can add some pleasing aesthetic qualities to your home. 
We’ll assist in the building regulations approval process to make sure your conversion is lawful and structurally safe, as well as carrying out the building works required. 


If your garage is somewhat underutilised, a conversion might be a better way to make use of it. You could turn this space into a home gym, an office area or even a guest bedroom. A garage conversion can help increase the value of your home, by utilising the floor space that’s already available to you. 
We can bring your redesign ideas to fruition and help you through the process of applying for ‘change of use' planning permission if needed. If you don't intend to change the structure of the garage, planning permission may not be necessary for this type of construction project. 


Considering removing walls, relocating stairs or changing the layout of your home? You won't always need architectural drawings for interior renovations, but may need to consult a structural engineer or building control to ensure that your changes are structurally sound. 
Our expert knowledge and skills in this area will ensure that your internal renovations are carried out smoothly and efficiently, while ticking all the right boxes concerning any legal red tape. 
New Builds 
Single and two storey extensions 
Kitchens installations 
Bathrooms installations 
Dormer loft conversions 
Garage Conversions 
Internal Renovations 
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